San Francisco, California June 1 – 3, 1964

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A Versatile Process Polarimeter R. S. Saltzman
Flame Photometry Instrumentation at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Willard A. Crandall
Film Coating Monitoring by Nondispersive Infrared R.L. Chapman
W. P. Houben
Membraneless Potentiometric Analysis of Dissolved Oxygen in Process Streams K. K. Konrad
Evaluation of pH Measurement Response Robert M. Green
William B. Field
Process Polarograph for Measuring PPM H2S Bernard L. Connelly
William H. Wagner
A New Process Analyzer for Hydrogen J. J. McKinley
E. A. Hinkle
Electrochemical Transducers for Water Quality C.E. Borchers
R. W. Raible
Dr M. K. Testerman
R. W. Romline
On-Stream Pour Point Testers W. V. Cropper
G. L. Hammond
Haze Point Analyzer Donald J. Geniesse
The Design And Performance of the Piezoelectric Sorption Hygrometer H. M. Crawford
J. J. Heigl
W. H. King
T. J. Mesh
Boiling Point Analyzer Sampling System for Closed Loop Control of a Fractionating Tower Carroll J. Ryskamp
Precision Radiation Gauging with a Pulse Frequency Computery Charles O. Badgett
Applications of Activation Analysis in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries Dr. Frank A. Iddings
The Role of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) in the Free Radical Chemistry Lawrence H. Piette
Present Status of High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy James N. Shoolery
LeRoy F. Johnson
Modern Electroanalytical Techniques Dr. Richard P. Buck
A Closed Loop Liquid Feeder Lewis Fowler
Walter N. Trump
Advances in Emission Flame Photometry Paul T. Gilbert
Atomic Absorption Instrumentation and Techniques – A Review Walter Slavin
Automatic Attenuator for use with Perkin-Elmer Model 800 Gas Chromatograph Frederick Baumann
Simultaneous Analsyis and B.T.U. Determination of Natural Gas Brain Thompson
Richard C. Cavenah
Instrumentation for Sampling and Analyzing Combustion Particulates using an Electron Microscope Albert F. Busch
Collecing Representative Exhaust Gas Samples R. W. Hurn
J. O. Chase
R. D. Fleming
Instrument Measurement of Contamination in Clean Rooms for Proposed Federal Standard No. 209 Paul L. Magill
In-Stream Analyzers Aid In Computer Control J. C. Rhodes
B. A. Ritzenthaler
Gas Stream Analyzers in Computer Process Control J. C. Landwehr
L. J. Boesch
E. M. Woverton
Chromatographs Mated to Digital Computers Implement Process Studies M. C. Burk
W. H. Williams