Charleston, West Virginia April 30 – May 2, 1962

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The Chromatograph in the Automatic Control Loop Ralph D. Webb
Instrumentation in the Study of Air Pollution John S. Nader
Physiological Factors in the Design of BioInstrumentation for Space Flight James A. Roman
Man in Space: Environmental Aspects and Concepts for Instrumentation Thomas B. Weber
Billy E. Welch
Technique an Interpretation of Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements of Water in Normal and Tumor Tissue Frank E. Senftle
Arthur N. Thorpe
Electron Microbe Analysis of Biological Tissues A. J. Tousimis
Some Optical Methods for the Analysis of Single Cells Leopold May
The Analysis of Movements Across a Nerve Membrane W. J. Aldeman
Cation- Sensitive Glass Electrodes A. H. Truesdell
Modular Approach to Laboratory Electrochemical Equipment for Analytical, Kinetic and Mechanism Studies Richard P. Buck
Considerations in the Design and Analytical Applications of a Triple Stage Gas Chromatograph Samuel Steingiser
D. J. David
G. F. Baumann
Influence of Flowing Gases on the Emission Spectum of Nickel Alloys D. L. Plymale
A. W. Scholl
Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Flue Gas Herman L. Parrish
A. W. Scholl
Control of a Process with an Analyzer in the Feedback Loop Dr. Charles W. Rose
Dynamics of Automatic Chemical Analyzers P. H. Stirling
M. H. I. Baird
Present Knowledge of the Dynamics of Optical and Spectrometer Type Analyzers and Their Influence on Process Response and Controllability Theodore J. Williams
A Research Program in Process Analyzer Dynamics Dr. Robert M. Hubbard
Dr. Otis L. Updike
Requirements for Life Sciences Engineering in Biology and Medicine Carl R. Brewer
et al
Design of an Optical System for Counting and Sizing Airborne Particles Edwin C. Welch
Detection of Toxic Gases Using an Automatic Recording Paper Tape Air Analyzer Charles Gelman
Robert M. Young
Improvements in and Application of Near Infrared Instrumentation G. L. Baker
J. E. Brown
H. N. Hill
A. D. Robinson
Electrochemical Oxygen Analyzers Macroscopic and Microscopic Phenonema of Importance in Delineating Their Behaviour A. D. Robinson
New Engineering Approaches to Packaged Sample Condition Systems William D. Lanier
Symplifying Sampling Problems with a Versatile Photometric Analyzer R. S. Saltzman
R. G. Jackson
E. S. Taylor
An Oxygen Analyzer for Liquids and Gases A. W. Wotring
W. W. Keeney
Sub Ambient Gas Chromatography J. J. McKinley
E. A. Hinkle
A New Calibration Method For Process Gas Chromatography J. C. Parks
E. A. Hinkle
A Review of Industrial Activation Analysis I. J. Gruverman
Dielectric Constant Measurement in Process Control E. N. Shawhan
R. E. Voelker
C. N. White
High Sensitivity Composition Analysis Using Infrared N. B. Kelly
W. M. Trippeer
Needs for New Instrumentation for Monitoring the Atmosphere for Organic Gases and Vapors Dr. A. P. Altshuller
A Teacher’s Approach to Developing Instrumentation for Chemical Analysis Dr. Frederick D. Tabbutt
A Dielectric Analyzer for Determing Moisture in Wood Chips John A. Shaffer
Gas Liquid Partition Chromatography of Mixtures Containing Phenol and Five of It’s Butyl Derivatives Allen H. Duval
Willim F. Tully
Some Applications of Multiple Column Configurations in Process Gas Chromatography Wayne M. Crum
An Extended Range Chromatographic System Frank J. Briscoe
High Accuracy Solid State Temperature Controller with 100% Proportional Band for Process Instrument applications R. A. Dora
Gamma Ray Spectrometry Developments in Activation Analysis Studies Dr. V. P. Guinn
High Speed Automatic Computer Coupled Activation Analysis R. E. Wainerdi
D. Gibbons
L. E. Fite
Activation Analysis in The Petroleum Industry Dr. Edgar L. Steele
Industrial Activation Analysis J. E. Strain
G. W. Leddicotte