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A Pilot Plant for Analytical
William A. Crandall
Use of a Portable Neutron Generator in
Industrial Analysis
Frank B. Gray
Process Moisture Measurement using Nuclear Methods Jack G. Crump
Design Techniques Used in Applying Nucleonic Equipment to Solve Density Measurements and Control Problems Henry T. Sessions
The X-Ray Rayleigh Scattering Method for Simplified Process Analysis James C. McCue
Charles A. Ziegler
The Galvanic Cell for Trace Oxygen Analysis W.J. Backer
Frank H. Harvey
S. D. Delaune
An Instrumental Approach to the Rapid Chemical Analysis of Organic Materials Herbert S. Haber
Dr. Kenneth W. Gardiner
Redox Measurement, Theory and Application W. N. Greer
Analyzers and Computers Robert M. Green
Selected List of References on Sample Systems D. M Wreyford
One Approach to Sample Process Streams Containing Condensable Materials George A. Gillis
A New Look at Materials of Construction for Sample Systems S. E. Steinle
Sample Systems for In-Plant Chromatographs Micheal J. Larsen
Sample Systems Speed of Response R. G. Jackson
Sample Systems Panel Discussion D. M. Wreyford
The Design and Application of a Small Volume Sliding Plug Valve Wayne M. Crum
A Sampling Valve for Gas Chromatography Robert F. Wall
A Flexible Programmer for Laboratory Gas Chromatographs Henry J. Bossart
Henry J. Then
Herbert Keller
An Attenuator for Laboratory Gas Chromatographs Dr. Walter N. Trump
Dr. Lewis Fowler
Prediction of Speration and Specifications of Chromatographic Columns H. J. Maier
O. C. Karpathy
An Automatic Instrument System for Chemical Analysis of Boiler Feeed, Boiler and Condensate Water Robert D. Goldberg
The Automatic Sequential Determination of Mercaptan Sulfur in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Systems Mahlon G. Young
Albert F. Plant
Walter J. Harrison
The Polarographic Analysis of Cd+2, Co+2, Cu+2, Zn+2, F3+3, Sn+4 and Cr+6 in an Acid Cyanide Gold Plating solution James A. Miller
A New Continuous Analyzer for ppb Dissolved Oxygen in Boiler Feed Water Mahlon G. Young
Albert F. Plant
Walter J. Harrison
An Instrument for the Analysis of Water in Jet Fuels Michael Czuha Jr
Dr. Kenneth Gardiner
Column Development for High Speed Chromatography J. W. Brake
R. L. McCullough
D. M. Wreyford
A Rapid Anlaytical Method for Partition Column Chromatography with the Automatic Recording of Column Effluents Charles Pidack