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2019 ISA AD Product of the Year
MGA 1200CS

The Schneider Electric MGA 1200CS Process Mass Spectrometer was voted Best New Product at the 64th ISA Analysis Division Symposium in Galveston. The judges, all from the chemical producer community, agreed that the MGA 1200CS sets new standards for both speed and security with a multi-collector mass spectrometer/fast multi-stream selector combination. The ability of the new analyzer to rapidly analyze potentially complex gas compositions and post the results using end-to-end cybersecurity is truly unique. The new MGA is also the first process mass spectrometer to include a color touch-screen HMI that provides full support for role-based access control with optional biometric interfaces for secure operation without the need to manage rotating passwords. The control architecture follows the design recommendations of the ISA99 work group (now IEC 62443). The embedded web server includes a secure socket layer certified to Achilles Level II permitting full digitization in the era of industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Preliminary Program


8:30-9:30 Implementation of SMART-Analyzer Systems To Control Scavenger Dosing In Wet-Gases Trevor Hibdige
Automated Sampling of Hydrocarbon Liquids Phil Harris
10:15-11:45 Real time monitoring of key diesel and jet parameters via raman Spectroscopy Lee Smith and Giancarlo Aguirre
Miniaturization of an ASTM D86 compliant distillation process analyzer for fast boiling curve measurements Christian Schmidt and Oliver Quade
Total Sulfur Analysis in Natural Gas using a Field Mount GC Asad Tahir
Analyzer Support
1:30-2:30 Rethinking Calibration for Process Spectrometers II Brian Rohrback and Will Warkentin
Maximizing Data Integrity and Ensuring Compliance for Emissions Data Warehousing Maria Mendoza is contact
Water Applications
3:15-4:45 Sour Water Stripper: Optimizing Process Control Erik Budlong and Steve Stodulski
Demystifying the on-line use for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) David Perrin


New Apps
8:15-9:45 Online Monitoring of STY-BUT copolymerization Craig Allshouse
Single-flange high-temperature TDLAS Peter Geiser
Realtime photoacoustic molecular detection Kaarn Stepanosian
Analyzer Support
10:30-12:00 Namur Open Architecture Al Kania
Gamechanger for the analytical team Wilfred Brink
Harnessing Big Data and AI in the Chemical Processing Industry Brian Rohrback
Trace Analysis
1:15-2:45 H2S Analyzer Technology Comparison: Tape vs. TDL Erik Budlong and Parisa Akhshi
The measurement of trace dithiazine in Hydrocarbons Phil Harris
Some Methods for On-line Monitoring of Trace Metals in a Process Stream Ken Kuruc


Natural Gas Applications
8:15-9:45 NGL: Optimizing Product Quality Using Online Measurement Erik Budlong and Parisa Akhshi
Fast online Measurement of natural gas composition and calorific values for DIRECT turbine control Simone Eichmann
LNG process monitoring by online process Mass Spectrometry in comparison to Gas Chromatography. Daniel Merriman
10:30-12:00 Emissions Monitoring for Compliance & Process Improvement Mariza Mendoza
Combustion Turbines: Regulatory and Analyzer Update for EPA’s New Formaldehyde Emissions Limit Troy M. Boley
Process Mass Spectrometry for Continuous BTU Monitoring of Flare Gas Tom Watson
1:15-2:45 Moisture Measurement in Organic Liquids Narge Sparages
How Smart Digital Technology is Increasing the Reliability of Online Liquid Analytics Ron Bridges
Multi-parameter, self-cleaning, self-calibrating sensor applications in challenging environments CT Starkweather

Fundamentals Training

Room A
Room B
Room C
Start End Duration Topic Instructor Topic Instructor Topic Instructor
8:00 8:15 0:15 Introduction Stuart Simmonds – Novatech Introduction J.C. Arenes – Novatech Advanced Course: Increasing Sample System Reliability by Better Design
This is a fast-moving course that explains many of the engineering procedures needed to design a gas or liquid sampling system for a process analyzer.
The subjects to be covered include:

  • Sources of time delay
  • How to calculate transport lag for liquid and gas samples
  • How to evaluate a process tap location
  • The advantages of using a sampling probe – or not
  • Probe resonance calculations
  • The ideal fluid velocity in sample lines
  • Velocity and flow rate in complex sample lines
  • Turbulence and pressure loss in complex sample lines
  • and much more.
Tony Waters
8:15 9:45 1:30 Fundamentals of Moisture & Dew Point Measurements John Kerney – Ametek Process Instruments Fundamentals of Water Quality Measurement Ron Bridges – M4 Knick
9:45 10:00 0:15 BREAK
10:00 12:00 2:00 Fundamentals of Gas Chromatography Ulrich Gokeler – Seimens (Retired) Fundamentals of Spectroscopy Bob Bear – Ametek Process Instruments
12:00 13:00 1:00 LUNCH
13:00 14:30 1:30 Fundamentals of Oxygen Analysis Stuart Simmonds – Novatech Introduction to Multivariate Analysis for Interferentials and Analyzers Brian Rohrback – Infometrix
14:30 14:45 0:15 BREAK
14:45 16:15 1:30 Analyzer Project Engineering & Concepts in Analyzer Integration Paul Cammarata – Dow Chemical
Al Kania – Seimens
Fundamentals of Mass Spectroscopy Tony Kou – Thermo Fisher Scientific

Exhibit Hall

Sunday, April 26th – Thursday, April 30th
Join 80 Exhibitors for discussion and review of the latest in analyzer trends in the exhibit hall.  All refreshments will be served in the Hall, starting Sunday night through Wednesday afternoon.

Training Opportunities

Sunday, April 26th
Fundamentals of Process Analyzers Training Class [8 hrs] led by experienced industry professionals

Thursday, April 30th
Hands on training by Registered Vendors – see Registration Form for current list

Technical Program

Monday, April 27th – Wednesday, April 29th
Three Days of Technical Papers


Be ready to add your thoughts to how this symposium needs to move forward to stay relevant.


Hyatt Regency Long Beach

200 South Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 USA

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Cut-off Date: 3 April, 2020

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